Summer season is approaching and you have been enjoying the sun’s heat, relaxing by the backyard pool and barbequing with your friends as well as relatives – and while you have been enjoying gorgeous weather and great company, you have actually observed the boringness of your patio. Not like your well-manicured lawn, luxury pool and blossoming flowers in your garden, your patio seems to be looking a bit unpolished and is beginning to stand out but not in a positive aspect. Therefore, you need to spruce it up with stamped concrete or sometimes termed as stampcrete. 

Stamped concrete is basically low-maintenance, cost-friendly and yet, very aesthetically good-looking – the best patio remodels you can have. However, if you have begun to look into your stamped concrete job, you probably know that colors are almost limitless when talking about the designs and it might be tough to pinpoint your eye vision. That is why this type of project actually requires the hiring of professional and experienced concrete service providers to work for you, and they will be willing to dive into the most famous stamped concrete trends.  

Natural Colors 

While concrete with colors is fun, attractive, and really bright, the professional designers suggest leaving the bright greens and purples out of the project. It is best to select a natural color for your stamped concrete. And today, the most trending set of colors are the colors that resemble the brick, stone and natural wood. White-on-white is also one of the trends in stamped concrete. 

Trend Alert 

Do you have problems in deciding which is one for your patio, a block of concrete or a plank wood? Have the best of the two worlds with stampcrete which mimics wood. As a matter of fact, you will acquire the aesthetic advantages of wood decking, without deteriorating the real wood. 

Bigger Patterns 

The larger, the better – at least that is what professional concrete designers are always saying that this is a good trend for your stampcrete patios. Bigger stampcrete patterns such as slate, stone and wood planks are just some of the most famous. In addition to that, the seamless stampcrete trend is resurfacing as well. Seamless stamps do not have a pattern, making your stampcrete patio look like a big piece of stone – the ultimate big pattern. 

Mix and Match 

When selecting your stamped concrete color and pattern, it might be very tempting to match older slabs of your stamped concrete – that is possible however, you could look into choosing the right patterns and colors as well which complements your current stamped concrete. Furthermore, mixing as well as matching is in, and there’s no need to worry about your old and new matching. 

Your dream stamped concrete patio is nearing and you hope that all of these tips on how to perfectly remodel a patio will be perfectly executed. However, you surely cannot do this all by yourself and because of this, you will be needing the assistance of professional and experienced concrete stamping WPB designers and service providers.